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About Us

Shey dance studios is an Afrobeats dance company based in Manchester. We pride ourselves with being the first agency of our kind in Manchester. We offer a range of dance services to suit your needs. ​

Hire us for your events

In our space, you can hire dancers for your events, commercials, live performances, parties and weddings. Our dancers specialize in Afrobeats, Afro-pop, afro-house and other infused contemporary African dance.

Learn how to dance to Afrobeats and contemporary African music.

We host dance classes every week in Manchester. We take you step by step on how to dance to popular African music, socialize and learn from professional dancers.

Our mission

We are driven by Afrobeats dancing.


We aim to spread the joy and culture of Afrobeats dance to our community and around the world.


We also aim to create sustainable careers for dancers who are passionate and skilled at afro-dance

We not only believe that dance is a way of communicating with people from different backgrounds, but also a way of keeping fit and building confidence.

Contact us today and find out how you can play a part.

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Book in for our dance classes

Find out how to dance to Afrobeats and African Music

Hire dancers for events

Find out how we can make your commercials, weddings, and other special events a sweet success