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  • Are dance classes open to Kids ?
    Yes, we have 4 week dance programmes for kids. Please visit our kids dance page for more info
  • I have no dance skills, can I still attend a class?"
    Yes you can. Most of our students are begineers and our team always prepares a step by step routine to get you up to speed. If you dont feel comfortable dancing in groups you can request private classes until you are comfortable to do so.
  • How Do Refunds Work?
    You can cancel a booking you have made with us for a full refund anytime up to 48hrs BEFORE dance hire services are due to be carried out. Please note that online tutorial classes are non - Refundable but can be cancelled anytime. Refunds will not be offered if you miss a dance class. Please get in contact here if you have a refund query
  • How Do Your 1-2-1 dance Sessions work?
    Our 1-2-1 Dance classes are a suitable alternative for our online and group dance sessions. Our classes give you a face to face channel to tailor dance sessions to your skill level, style and preferences. Click here to get in touch for 121 Sessions
  • Can I outsource Dance services from you?
    Yes you absolutely can. We offer workshops and dance classes for schools, corporate events and a range of other groups. Get in touch here
  • How do I Use my Saver Plan to Book Dance Classes?
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