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5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Online Dance Classes

Updated: Jan 13

5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Online Dance Classes
5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Online Dance Classes

Online classes came into the spotlight due to last year’s pandemic. It caused a worldwide disruption that affected many industries and quite a few businesses took to digital platforms to stay afloat. The dance and entertainment industry was no different.

Although many entertainment sectors were already operating online years before the pandemic, dance professionals were still very new to teaching others online and faced teething issues such as making sure they had the right video equipment, connection speeds, etc. Fast forward a few months later dance teachers are now used to the changes and found that in some cases they prefered teaching online. This opened a lot more doors to reach more students and also gave students the option of learning how to dance at their own pace, record and rewind their lessons 24/7 no matter where they are.

Although lockdown measures are easing globally, online dance classes are here to stay. It gives eager students and teachers more flexibility around how classes are managed and run. So here are a few reasons why you should take an online dance class today.

1. Low Cost

Online dance classes are comparatively cheaper than physical classes. Some classes charge a one-off fee for lifetime access to dance tutorials or a monthly subscription with an initial free trial. You also have the advantage of comparing prices, reviews and finding the right service for you.

2. Availability

With the exception of zoom and other real time dance classes, online dance classes are available 24/7 because they are pre-recorded. This gives you the benefit of learning at your own pace, rewind the video if you don't quite get something and not stressing about scheduled dance classes.

3. Free from Geographical Restrictions

If you opt for physical classes, you have limited options. However with online classes, you can always find something to suit your preferences from hip-hop, belly dance and even party rock there are choreographers of all types available from all over the world. There are also freelance dance instructor options as well.

4. Practice in your own time

Having access to tutorials 24/7 gives you multiple opportunities to learn how to dance at various times of the day. Whether it’s for an upcoming event or you would just like to be a better dancer, you literally have no excuses.

5. Easy to use

All you need to get started with dance classes is a phone, tablet or laptop and a stable internet connection. Videos can be paused and played at anytime and you are in complete control of how you learn. Super easy barely an inconvenience.

Embracing the Change

Although physical and online dance classes are vastly different from one other, It is difficult to compare the two as they both have their pros and cons. Face to face classes give students the opportunity to connect with one another while some students may be shy and would not want to dance in front of others. Additionally, some students may not be able to attend advertised times for dance classes and others can. No matter your preference is, they are both valid learning options. However Embracing both options is the best way to approach classes because it gives you a lot more flexibility.

Which Online Dance Classes Should You Choose?

You can find numerous dance instructors online. However, it is always better to choose a popular and trusted option. If you love Afrobeats and Dancehall you can find multiple options for dance tutorials with us, online and face to face.

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